Top 5 Places to visit in Larnaca

| 16/03/2013




Places to visit in Larnaca


Larnaca was originally known as Kition, or Kitium. It is a 6000 year old scenic city in the island nation of Cyprus. It has the largest commercial airport. Its history is rich in culture, architecture and civilizations. Since the Neolithic times, it has always welcomed refugees, tourists and inhabitants. All the forts and other monuments of Larnaca are well preserved. One can get mesmerized in this ancient city of historical architecture and traditions.

Larnaca has many places to offer to an adventurous explorer. You’d be fascinated at the sight of the Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement, one of the important pre-historic sites in the Mediterranean, Europe square, the oldest colonial building of the English, Stavrovouni Monastery, Palm trees promenade, Zenobia wreck and museums. Larnaca indeed has breath taking places!

Places which you cannot miss:

 Larnaca Castle 

Larnaca Castle

  • Larnaca Fort: Located near the sea shore, Larnaca’s fort was built in 1625. Also used as Larnaca Municipal Cultural Centre during the summer, this fort is home to ancient cannons and World War II German field artillery. This fort was used as a prison during the British rule and because of its historic importance; it has now been converted into a museum. The tour would not be expensive on your pocket.

Saint Lazarus

Saint Lazaros Church

  • Agios Lazaros: Considered to be the most significant remaining Byzantine monument of Cyprus, this stone church was built in 890 by Byzantine Emperor Leo VI. Its brilliant baroque woodcarving of the golden surfaced iconostas is approximately 3 centuries old. This church was built over the tomb of Saint Lazarus by the Emperor. Saint Lazarus is taken
    in procession through the streets, 8 days before the Greek Orthodox Easter.

Larnaca Salt Lake

Larnaca Salt Lake

  • Larnaca Salt Lake: The Central salt lake was a gulf in the prehistoric times. When the gulf was closed, the port was destroyed and the salt lake was formed. Salt, an expensive product of the prehistoric times, could be extracted in abundance from this lake. A large percentage of revenue was due to the export of salt from this lake. Another interesting phenomena of this lake is that of the migration of more than 75 species of migratory birds to this lake during the season of winter. Flamingos, to a large extent, migrate every year. This lake also offers breathtakingly scenic sunsets to enjoy every evening and the entry is free!

Mackenzie Beach Larnaca

Mackenzie Beach Larnaca

  • Mackenzie Beach: A beautiful beach with an endless stretch of white sand, warm water and gentle breeze. Welcome to the Makenzy beach! It is also children-safe as the water is shallow for a large distance. With many restaurants to choose from, Makenzy makes it a very cosy and safe place to spend an afternoon. It has been very popular since the 80’s and has now been transformed into a chic place to hangout.


Finikoudes Larnaca

  • Finikoudes Beach: A spectacular city beach with a lot of busy happenings. Clean water, fantastic promenade and wide choice of pubs, cafes,hotels and restaurants define this beach. During the summer season Finikoudes beach its buzzing from life,its preferred by locals as well as tourists.

Larnaca also offer luxury accommodations and hotels for people to unwind after a long day. Either for a break from the daily routine or to just sink in some historical heritage and knowledge, either during summer or the winter, with its pleasant climate all yearlong, Larnaca is a must visit destination!

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