Pan Coaches On BBC (Sun S@X and Suspicious Parents)

| 05/10/2013

Pan Coaches On BBC

Pan Coaches and BBC Three Hit Reality Show

Shot in Cyprus

Sun-Sex-And-Suspicious-Parents Pan Coaches

BBC’s very popular reality show has been visiting Cyprus for the last few years while shooting their hit reality show. For those who don’t know  what the show is about, heres what wikipedia  has to say:

Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents (sometimes misinterpreted as Sun, Sea and Suspicious Parents) is a British documentary/reality television series first aired in early 2011 on BBC Three. The concept of the programme is that people in their late teens and early twenties go on their first girls’/lads’ holiday abroad under the belief that they are getting away from their parents – however their parents are also sent to the holiday destination and secretly watch footage of their children on video screens, and also often spy in their hotel rooms and at nightclub locations. The parents then reveal themselves on the last night of the holiday, to the dismay of the children, and tell them what they’ve seen and what they’ve learnt.”


Pan Coaches had the pleasure of being a part of the hit reality series each time the BBC show visited Cyprus to shoot a new episode. We had some real fun driving the wild British teens around and following their antics.But what was really priceless was when the parents arrived  on the island and they had to sneak up on the unsuspecting teens who where already wreaking havoc in pubs and night clubs all around Cyprus.

There was some serious detective work done to achieve that.We wont lie it wasn’t easy following around a group of partying teenagers with a camera crew and the shocked parents!

Here’s the link to BBC site of you want to find out more about the show


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