• What’s a shuttle Transfer?

Shared Airport Shuttle Transfer (Door to Door*):

Shuttles are shared transfers designed to lower the cost of transfer from airport to your hotel destinations. Passengers join in and share a ride therefore lowering the average cost per person. It can be a great way to travel on a budget. Shuttle transfers have maximum of no more that 1 hour waiting time, as all passengers gather and take their seats. Once the shuttle departs from the airport it will begin the route to deliver all passengers to their destination. Drop offs can only be hotels, villas, apartments or city centers, the Shuttle cannot deliver passengers to private addresses. If you are traveling to a private address (private homes friends or family houses) then please use the private Taxi service.

*“Door to Door Shuttle Transfer” This Term is used to describe the shuttle transfers  that deliver passengers to their exact destinations (hotels, villas, apartments, or city centers)As opposed to some shuttle transfer that have predefined stops and drop off passengers  in bus stops or busy main roads. We only offer Door to Door shuttle transfers as we find them to be easier for our customers not having to walk to their hotel or take another taxi to go to their destination.


  • What’s a Private Taxi Hire Transfer?

Private Taxi Hire

A private Taxi is when you book a taxi transfer (4 seater or 6 seater) . You will be the only client aboard the vehicle, we do not mix transfers on private hire. You have full control over the taxi you hire as well as all the luggage space available (No extra charge for luggage). Pick up and drop off locations can be any private address you would like, as well as any tourist resort. This is the fastest and most comfortable way of traveling. Once we have your reservations details that’s it for you, No more worries. We will be monitoring your flight on-line and upon your arrival our driver will be waiting for you at the arrival terminal .A personalized sign with your Name will be held by the driver so you have to look out for him.


  • What’s a Private Minibus Hire Transfer?

Private Minibus Hire

Just like the private taxi hire when hiring a minibus (10 seater,16 seater or 22 seater) You are the only client on board. You have full control over the Minibus and all available luggage space Not only do we not charge extra for Luggage but if you have more than we can fit in the minibus we will provide  a luggage trailer completely “Free of charge” .You only need to check  the box for the option during your reservation. This way of traveling is definitely the most fun, if you are traveling with your family and friends. Traveling together in the same vehicle can be a very nice and pleasant experience while also saving on your transfer costs.


  • What’s a Private Tour or Excursion?

Private Tours & Excursions

A private tour can be a great way to explore Cyprus and get to see places you are most likely not going to, if you are staying around the main tourist resorts. A tour or excursion can be done with a taxi or a minibus depending on the number of passengers. We offer a selection of tours but you can also contact us and have a custom route planed just for you with the places you would most like to visit. The duration of the tours can be as follows: Half Day Tour or Full Day Tour. Half day tour is most often used to visit a small number of places, with an average duration time of 4-5 hours. The Full Day Excursion can allow for a large number of places to be visited and a much greater distance to be covered with duration of 8-9 hours.

How to Book With Us ————————————


  • How do I pay?

Once you go through our reservation System and fill in every detail that we require, then you will be redirected to the PayPal secure payment page where you can place your payment directly with your credit card (Yes PayPal does accept all major credit cards you don’t need to have a PayPal account) or you can also pay via a PayPal account if you have one.


  • What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards(Visa,Master Card,American Express,Discover etc..)  as well as PayPal accounts.

  • Is it safe to Pay on line?

Your Payment will be processed through PayPal’s secure and encrypted page. So you don’t have to worry about the safety of your credit card details

  • Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel your reservation we offer a full refund (Cancellation must be 24 hours before transfer time) For Cancellations less than 24hours prior to transfer time a 50% Cancellation fee will be applied.

Arrival ————————————


  • How do I find the driver who is going to pick me up?

When you are placing your reservation you will be asked to enter your name and surname. This information will be used by our drivers to identify you at the arrival terminal of the airport you are traveling from. Our driver will be waiting to welcome you on your arrival, holding a sign with the name you have provided in the reservation. That what we call the “Meet & Greet” Your driver will welcome you take care of your luggage then escort you to your vehicle and drive to your destination (It’s important to give the correct name of those traveling if you are booking for a friend or family member and not yourself)


  • What if my flight has a delay?

When you are placing your reservation you will be asked to enter flight number details for arrival and departure. Once we have your flight number we will be monitoring your flight status on line and only dispatch our driver once your flight announces a final time of arrival. You do not need to worry or do anything. We will take care of that for you.


  • How do I arrange the Return Transfer back to the Airport?

When you are placing your reservation you will be asked to enter your return transfer details so make sure you enter the correct ones.  Once we have your return details (Date,pick up time, pick up place Phone number, etc…)We will pick you up at the time and place you specified.


  • What time should my Return transfer be if my flight is departing at (Example 17:00)?

All airlines require departing passengers to be at the airport 2 hours prior to your flight departure time. Having that in mind, you need to calculate the transfer time for your pick up location back to the airport.

Example: Let say you are In Paphos Town and you are departing from Paphos Airport. That’s approximately a 25” minute ride. In this example the ideal time to be at Paphos Airport would be 15:00.

15:00 is the time you need to be at the airport and we have a 25” minute ride to the airport. So the appropriate pickup time here would be 15:00 – 00:25 = 14:35

Additional spare time is always best to be added especially when you are located further  away from the airport, to compensate in case of any delays (traffic, closed roads, etc..)


  • What if my departure flight has a delay? Do I stay in my hotel?

No! Despite the fact that a flight might be delayed, Airlines require their passengers to be at the airport on the time provided. So even if there is a delay you still need to be at the Airport on time. Check in will begin as normal and the airline takes responsibility over their passengers after that.  The only time there is an exception to that is when the airline company contacts you and instructs you to act otherwise. In that case we need to be notified and rearrange the pickup time and date. Use our phone number to contact us as it’s the fasted way to reach us.


  • If I need to contact Pan Coaches outside office hours?(Emergencies)

We do provide a 24h Support for emergencies so if you have problems feel free to contact us at

Panicos Georgiou 99634308

Before using the emergency numbers you might want to check our live chat support, an operator might be on line at that time to assist you. If it’s not that urgent then you can sent us an email and we will respond very soon.