Cyprus Island

| 01/02/2012

Cyprus Information


Where is Cyprus ? :

  • Cyprus is a small island located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea spanning just only 240 Km (149 miles) across, and the population of the island is estimated to be around 800 000.

Cyprus Currency :

  • Cyprus has been a full member of the European Union (EU) from 2008 where the local money currency (Cyprus pounds –Lira) was replaced with the Euro

Cyprus Airports :

  • Cyprus currently has 2 Airports: The largest is Larnaca International Airport and there is another one in Paphos

Capital of Cyprus :

  • Is Nicosia, which is located in the center of Cyprus just 30 minutes drive from Larnaca Airport with a population of  400.00o .

Cyprus Population:

  • After a recent demographic count, came up to an astonishing  1,103,647 people  for the year 2010 


  • Main religion in Cyprus is Greek orthodox

Cyprus language:

  • Spoken native language is Greek but English is also widely spoken around the island as well as many other languages (Russian, German, French..) mostly around tourist resorts

 Cyprus Flag:    Cyprus Flag



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