About Cyprus Food

| 14/02/2012

About Cyprus Food

In Cyprus we take “food” seriously, so much that there aren’t many things that Cypriots like to do more than a good feast. While visiting the island you will find yourself overwhelmed with exciting new flavors. This has to do mostly with the fact that Cypriot food has been strongly influenced by the continents surrounding it, being a crossroad between continents, early travelers, traders and settlers enriched its cuisine to much more than just a “Mediterranean cuisine” creating a fusion mix of Orient meets Greek and Middle East with Mediterranean ingredients creates an exotic result second to none.

Recommendations :

First suggestion is to head for a traditional tavern if you want to try the local cuisine. And order the “Meze” menu as it will most likely include everything you will want to taste. Restaurants often compete with each other on the number of dishes offered with the Maze menu which might go up to 20 dishes or more. Either case you will have the chance to experience some of Cyprus finest dishes.

Foods to look for in Cyprus:


  • Souvla (Traditional large meat cuts usually pork or lamb ,cooked over charcoal grill)
  • Halloumi (White cheese made with goat and sheep’s milk)
  • SouvlakiKebab (Small pieces of pork meat cooked over charcoal grill served with vegetables in pitta bread )
  • Gyros -Donner Kebab (Minced meats usually pork, beef ,chicken grilled over gas flame in a vertical position )
  • Tzatziki ( strained yoghurt mixed with shredded cucumber ,garlic,salt,olive oil ,dill, mint or parsley)
  • Moussaka.
  • Greek Salad with feta cheese.
  • Tahini (White creamy dip made with sesame )
  • Lountza Kapnisti (Selective fine pieces of pork meat marinated in wine, coriander and smoked)
  • Sheftalia (minced pork with onion parsley and spices wrapped in caul fat cooked over grill)
  • Afelia (Pork cuts marinated in local dry red wine with coriander cooked in casserole)
  • Loukanika Krasata (Traditional sausages with various local herbs marinated in dry red wine)

Traditional Desserts to look for

  • Soutzoukos
  • Glyka tou koutaliou (varius fruits made into sweet desserts with local homemade recipes)

Second suggestion would be Seafood. Cyprus being an island in the Mediterranean Sea you can expect fresh fish to be largely available and be sure to take advantage of that. Along with stunning beaches and sea shores, many restaurants offer both. This combination if highly recommended to fully appreciate the eating experience and unmatched flavors of fresh Cyprus Sea food.

Local sea food to look for:
  • Red mullet {Mparpouni}
  • Sorkos
  • Marida
  • Shrimps
  • Tsipoura {Gilt-head Sea Bream}
  • Lavraki {seabass}
  • Oktapodi {octopus}

TIP: Always prefer taverns and restaurants where locals eat.

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